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All classes will be online, and the Zoom Links will be available before the class starts. Please check the respective unit pages before your class. 

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Have you checked your PIA email account? 

Do not miss important information by checking on a regular basis. Always use that account to contact us at PIA.

Find information on how to add your PIA email account to your phone here.

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 Always join classes on a computer, not your mobile phone.

Tips for Succeeding with Integrity

  • Complete the Academic Integrity Module. This forms part of all new students orientation and provides with you the foundation for success. 

  • Acknowledge where the information you use comes from, clearly citing or referencing the source. Keep a list of your sources as you work to avoid unintentional plagiarism

  • Clarify instructions. Ask your lecturers to clarify anything you are unsure of before you start working on an assignment. Once you are clear, it will be easier for you to plan your work and stay on schedule.

  • Plan ahead. Get yourself on the right track at the start of the term by noting all your due dates.

  • Ask for help. All students are provided with study skills support during their learning journey at PIA. You can arrange to meet our Academic Support Officer face-to-face or online by emailing to arrange an appointment. 

  • Do your own work. Unless given explicit permission by your lecturer. Act with integrity and do not present something that was done by a third party as your own.

  • Think. Think about why you are at PIA and enrolled in your course. Think about the value of your education through studying, reading, and writing and about honestly completing your work. Integrity is important in all areas of life.